Thierry Van Den Bosch and TM World Champions !!

After many years of commitment and investment arrive the first world title for TM RACING in Supermoto.
A present was made from him: the great Thierry Van Den Bosch.
Frenchman, 35 years old, known around the world under the name of VDB, won his fourth world title in the specialty and deliveries to TM RACING hands the touched upon world title for two consecutive years.
Thierry Van Den Bosch is the rider of records, a living legend, one that has won more than anyone else and that is unlikely to be equalled.
In 2010 reaches an agreement with the TM RACING 747 Motorsport Team, managed by Simone Girolami, only the week before the start of the International of Italy. He won on his debut in the World Grand Prix in Viterbo Italy, taking the red plate leadership, keeping it until the end in Spain where it was replaced by the Golden plate of the World Champion.
He fractured his right collarbone the week before the GP of Greece and undergoes a delicate surgery.
All we thought that the race to the world title was over, everyone but not him!
A few days after the operation he leaves for Greece to be in the track and defend his position. He Suffered a lot, the pain was very strong, but VDB grits his teeth and marks important points. This allowed him to go to Spain for the last GP with a little margin of advantage that enables him to better manage the situation and to win his fourth world title.
Spanish Grand Prix was won by French Thomas Chareyre in front of Ivan Lazzarini and Eddy Seel while Van Den Bosch finished two times in fifths places that was enough to win the Golden plate of World Champion and apply it on his factory TM SMX 450F fuel injection.
VDB said at the end of the race: "... .. I am very happy for this world title because it was been the most difficult for me. I dedicate it to TM and 747 Motorsport team because they believed in me even to include me in the team at the last minute when budgets were already closed. My bike and my technicians have always worked hard to give me everything I needed and for this I thank them a lot. After the collar bone injured I have suffered a lot and I arrived at the end of this GP really exhausted. Now I just want to rest a while enjoying this world title in peace with my wife and my son, then I will think about the future ... .... ".
Even Simone Girolami, Team Manager of Team 747 Motosport, comments the title won: "... ... It was hard but finally we did it! Throughout the weekend we worked hard to give to Thierry everything he needed. Nevertheless he had problems with adherence to which is added to the front brake problems that overheats. When Thierry has overcome the checkered flag all the tensions melted and happiness for the world title immediately let us forget all the problems .... ".
Davide Gozzini in the S2 class won with great advantage in race 1 but in race 2 he was forced to stop because of a flat front tire while he was struggling with Delepine to win the race and the GP.
Even in this class Andrea Occhini finished fifth in both heats.
Stop for Alex Serafini because of a knee problems who didn’t allow him to take part to the Spanish GP.