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Davide Gozzini, Thomas and Alex Serafini Chareyre in the S1Italian Championship
After a long pause start again the Italian Supermoto Championship with many new features, first of all the single class that has in fact obliged manufactures and riders working on 450cc bikes.
TM Racing Team became unprepared further developing the bike World Champion in 2009 entrusted to the experienced hands of Davide "Gozzo" Gozzini and debutant Thomas Chareyre, joined by Alex Serafini, all strictly with electronic fuel injection engines .
Some problems of development has not granted to TM riders to be fast in time practices staying out of the first row.
In Race 1 Gozzini is able to start in top positions remained close to them throughout the race and finishing in fifth place, while Chareyre with a bad start fails to go beyond the eighth.
Another story is Race 2 in which both Gozzo that Thomas can take advantage of the start and slipped in the fight for the podium. While VDB is ahead of the race behind him turn on a tough fight between Hiemer, Lazzarini, Gozzini and Thomas Chareyre to not let him escape. Hiemer falls down and slows Lazzarini leaving the way open for Thomas who finishes in second place while Gozzini close again fifth.
Difficult race for Alex Serafini still struggling with some physical problems. Alex ends the two rounds scheduled at the twenty-third and twenty-second place, so he can get some points only for the Italian Championship standings from which excludes foreign riders.
With these partial results Davide Gozzini is second in the provisional standings of Italian Championship just behind Ivan Lazzarini, and fifth in the International ones. Thomas Chareyre, thanks to the good result in race 2, is fourth in the provisional standings of the International of Italy.
Complete rankings on .
Next meeting May 2nd again at Castelletto di Branduzzo for the GP of Italy, first round of the Supermoto World Championship 2010.