TM RACING World Champion for the second consecutiv

TM RACING World Champion for the second consecutive time

In a weekend with temperatures over the northern one took place in Salou, Spain, the last GP of the 2010 Supermoto World Championship.
To warm the hearts of the people and many TM fans in attendance to this event were thought the two factory TM riders Davide Gozzini and Thomas Chareyre who have played the World title until the final heat in the program.
The two TM riders came at this last event paired at the top of the standing level in points, a situation never before seen in a final World Championship.
To emerge between the two was the Frenchman Thomas Chareyre who has done nothing wrong with riding safely and thinking only to the title without to risk of falling into the traps of his opponents. Thomas started from the first row on the grid and he has closed heat 1 in second place just behind the Finn Hermunen while he finished in fourth place in the final two heats making sure the coveted World title.
Davide Gozzini has been penalized by starting in the second row succeeding to close heat 1 in fourth place which gave him the opportunity to start from the front row in heat 2. It is just in this race that probably the "Gozzo" lost his world title. He started like a lightning and in the first few corners he passed in front of his teammate. Slowed by problems with his rear tire grip he lost a few places further back and he is forced to recovery again. Davide finished fifth behind Thomas who leads with five points ahead of the Brescia one.
Third and final heat and there is no space for mathematics anymore. Gozzini must win and T. Chareyre not go beyond the fourth position if he wants to be champion while it is sufficient for Thomas to check Davide to win the world title. The two TM riders started in the third and fourth place behind the Husquvarna duo. A few laps and Davide overtakes Thomas who give the impression to let him go. The "Gozzo" increased his race rhythm, he is the fastest rider on the track. He wants the world title and he knows that the only way to get it is going to win. He overtakes Hermunen and he has in front of him only Adrien Chareyre gaining valuable seconds lap after lap, but time is running out and is about to expire. Davide closed in second place in less than a second behind Adrien and from the world title that for the third time gets out of his hands at the last race.
Thomas Chareyre is the new S1 Supermoto World Champion, the first one in his career and won in his first year on the Pesaro motorcycle while Davide Gozzini was second only two points behind.
TM RACING won the second consecutive riders World title and the first Manufacturers S1 Supermoto World Championship title.
Three times in fourteenth place for Alex Serafini who finishing the World Championship in fifteenth place overall.

Team Manager Simone Girolami said after the race: ".... It is a strange situation ... I'm happy for Thomas and I apologize for Davide ! Both of them deserved this title but at the end we all knew that only one of them would win. As Team Manager I’m very happy because in two years we have won two world titles and I want to thank all our sponsors but especially TM company, probably without them we could not achieved these successes ..... ".
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