Supermoto S1 World Championship Third round

Davide Gozzini dominates the GP of Sicily and takes the world Championship leadership
The Supermoto World Championship arrives on the beautiful Italian island to play the third round in a weekend made even hotter by the exploits of David Gozzini, thanks to a perfect race, who has inflamed the hearts of many fans arrived to cheer their favorite Brescia rider.
The second place in time practices, two first and a second place in the heats, the Grand Prix victory and the World Championship leadership are the numbers of Davide "Gozzo" Gozzini and his TM SMX 450Fi in this third round of the championship.
Unfortunate his teammate Thomas Chareyre that in the first heat had to stop in the last lap for a little electrical problem while he was leading. Thomas, who had conquered Pole and Superpole, finished fourth in the GP and lost the red plate in favor of Gozzini, although only five points.
Good race for Alex Serafini registering a great time in practices in front of the Belgian former world champion Gerard Delepine, and wins good points for the world rankings after recovering in the three heats scheduled always from the back.
RACE 1: Thomas Chareyre is the fastest on this start while Davide Gozzini was third and slowed by Hermunen. Thomas flies away and seems to be invincible while Davide, after passing the Husqvarna’s Finnish, try to reduce the gap that separates him from his teammate. On the last lap Thomas’s bike switch off leaving the way open for Gozzini who wins on Van Den Bosch and Hermunen, fifteenth Alex Serafini.
RACE 2: VDB take the holeshot followed by Gozzini while Thomas is forced to start from the last row as required by regulation. VDB try to excape with his Aprilia but Gozzo and his TM seems to be faster overtaking him at the sixth lap. Gozzini wins on VDB, third Thomas Chareyre after an incredible comeback, seventeenth Alex Serafini.
RACE 3: Holeshot again for VDB who is exceeded first by Thomas Chareyre, who will win, and then by Davide Gozzini who will finish in second place ahead of the Aprilia’s French. Another good race for Alex Serafini who finishes in fourteenth place.
Davide Gozzini, said after the race: "...... It was been a perfect weekend and I’m very pleased about my result and the work of the team. I want to dedicate my victory to my Team, my fans but especially to Mr. Gastone Serafini (TM’s owner) who today celebrated his fiftieth birthday. What a better present than a victory ? ……”
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Next meeting on September the 19th to Pleven for the GP of Bulgaria, fourth round of the 2010 Supermoto World Championship.

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