Supermoto Intern. of Italy Third round 05-2010

Hard victory of Davide "Gozzo" Gozzini in the third round of the International of Italy at Viterbo definitely with summer weather conditions.
Gozzini won again and made it at his own way and always lead, leaving only crumbs to his opponents.
Thierry Van Den Bosch in time practices won the pole position followed closely by Gozzini and the other TM factory rider Thomas Chareyre, fourth the championship leader Ivan Lazzarini.
We so arrived to the two races scheduled on Sunday where Davide Gozzini breaks the eggs in the basket of VDB with two lightning starts winning also the hole-shot.
David did not take care of what happens behind him and lap after lap increases his advantage winning both races and leading for a total of 26 laps .
Good race for the French Thomas Chareyre who, despite the injured shoulder problems a few days before the race, managed to finish third twice behind Ivan Lazzarini in the first heat and behind Thierry Van Den Bosch in the second one. At points aslo Alex Serafini eighteenth and nineteenth place in the two heats scheduled.
Davide Gozzini said after the race: "..... a perfect race! To win is never easy and it is always the result of an excellent and hard work that me and my team do every day. This new class is giving me new motivations and I really like the idea of being the strongest rider in this category .... ".
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Next meeting July 4th in Ortona (CH), fourth round of the 2010 Supermoto International of Italy.