Motocross of Nations 4th October 2009

Aigar Leok and Martin Michek called to defend the colours of their Nations

The Motocross of Nations is the most important event of the year, called the Olympic games of Motocross. Aalso this year, TM riders were selected by their National Motorcycle Federations to defend the colours of their country.
Aigar Leok, representing Estonia, has given a good contribute to his country to achieve the eighth position through two regular races, despite the problem in his shoulder.
Aigar Leok said at the end of the race: "... .. I could do something more if I had not loose positions in the first heat because of a fall. However I am happy about my race and especially having defended the colours of my country. Now I expect a short break holiday and then I will start with the winter training in preparation for next season....... ".
The young Martin Michek, selected by the Czech Federation to represent his country, was author of a good test. While failing to qualifing for the “Group A” because of some falls of his team mates, Martin was the able to do an excellent performance in the final of “Group B” which concluded in third position.
Martin Michek Said at the end of the race: "... .. I'm sorry for failing to qualify from Group A. However I am satisfied with my race and I think I could have won the “Group B” if I had a better start. Thank anyway to TM and to BONVER for giving me the opportunity to participate in all the 2009 Motocross World Championship. Thanks to them I managed to grow a lot both from the sporting side that the human one and the victory of the last two round of the Czech Championship are the prove. Thanks to my growth I have been selected by my Federation to defend the colours of my country and this makes me very proud ... .... ".
Present at this important event also Pavel Kulajta, Casino Bonver owner, who declined to comment on the just concluded season of the young Martin Michek: "... ... I'm pleased with the growth of Martin in the races and the results he achieved. My trademark and I are always been close to the sport and to the young athletes of my country. For Martin to enter in the whole Motocross World Championship, and in a prestigious Factory Team like TM RACING Team has been a great opportunity and he was been very intelligent to exploit it in the right way. Personally I think Michek can grow up again and he can contribute even further to maintain high the colours of the Czech Republic in the World ... .... " Complete rankings on .