GP of Benelux 2010

5th September 2010
Lierop, GP of Benelux
Motocross World Championship
Fourteenth round
Martin Michek in difficulty on the terrible Dutch sandWhen the World Motocross circus moves to the Benelux many riders are worrying because they are conscious of hell that awaits them.
Even Martin Michek is between those riders who fear the sandy grounds that can be faced with less difficulty only by making tough choices but adequate. It is for this reason that many riders choose to leave their countries and their home and moved to live in Belgium to have a way to train harder every day on the most difficult tracks and with the World's strongest riders.
About the race of Michek there is not so much to say, he has qualified with the twenty-eighth place in the qualifying race on Saturday and forced to stop on the two heats scheduled on Sunday because of some falls. The speed that Martin has demonstrated in the GP of Loket is not random, but to be so fast on the sandy tracks he needs a special training for that kind of races.
Even here in Lierop Anthony Boissiere has not taken part to the race for the aftereffects resulting from the fall he had in the GP of Sweden which had caused him a vertebra crushing. In these days he has to decide if he will be able to start at the GP of Italy in Fermo, although it seems to be very unlikely.
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Next meeting September 12th in Fermo for the Italian Grand Prix, fifteenth and final round of the 2010 Motocross World Championship.